City of art

Love for art; art for love


If you are fascinated by history, especially by that of the souls of various venues, then a City of Art is the perfect location for you.

Romanticism and elegance are what characterize these places. And when I speak of romance, I speak of that dream we all have since we are little girls, dreaming of wearing that fairy-tale white dress, and finding our prince in one of those marvelous royal palaces that make up these cities. This is a dream that can come true. Turin, Perugia, Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice are only some of the Cities of Art that exist in Italy.

In order to plan the perfect wedding, inspiration needs to be taken in the places and history that surround one.

We are talking about cities that have inspired the most important writers and artists in the world, that have given life to characters of timeless stories over the centuries.

You can choose to get married inside an important royal palace, or perhaps something unique and particularly beautiful: open the doors to the most prestigious museums in the world so that you can celebrate your marriage alongside your favorite works of art, famous all over the world.

Italy is famous throughout the world for its castles, which tell the history of cities in which they reside.

For those who wish to get married in a City of Art, you should know that this would also make for an ideal winter wedding, as they offer adequate facilities and indisputable beauty.

It would be the perfect setting for your most important day.

And to those who wish to know what more a City of Art can offer you aside from your wedding, I would answer that: art is a universal language, like the language of love, and if you are a romantic woman, this is the perfect location to start your own fairy tale.

Love for art; Art for love.

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