Confetti candies


It’s not a party without good confetti candies!

This tradition comes from the time of the Romans, who tended to use candies to celebrate marriages and births.

Of course, the confetti of today does not use the same ingredients as back then. Indeed, back then, the almond was covered with honey instead of sugar.

The quality of the confetto is determined by the almond, the finest of which come from Avola (Sicily); another decisive factor is the quality of the sugar, as well as the relationship between the size of the almond and the layer of sugar covering it.

Tradition has it that the wedding favors or confetti bags should always have five things, consisting of the qualities that one should never be missing in the life of the newlyweds: health, richness, happiness, longevity and fertility.

Each type of ceremony has a specific color for the confetti, with weddings rigorously requiring white.

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