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Are you trying to plan your wedding and finding it difficult to choose a single style and accessories to go along with it?
Fear not, trust in our wedding planning agency; we’ll give you the best advice.
Rustic weddings, country chic, urban weddings, shabby chic, bohemian chic are just some of the trends that have become prominent in recent years.

Every wedding is a story that needs to be told, and our agency curates all of the particulars in search of originality.
A wedding’s style should adapt to the personality of each couple, which is why we have thought to create a small guide of all the recent trends: check the gallery and find the style that suits you best!

Rustic weddings: from the atmosphere, both romantic and intimate, rustic weddings are the perfect style for all couples that eschew excessive formality and would rather hold an event that is softer and more minimalist.
An absolute must with regards to the accessories and decorations is the wood: particularly in terms of the location, the chairs and tables. It’s a decorative element that is both simple and linear.

Boho–Chic Weddings : these are not just a trend in wedding styles, but rather a true and veritable way of life. Cantered around a desire for a return to nature which is tied to the philosophy of eco-sustainability,  the Boho–Chic weddings are rich in retro and vintage elements, Romany accessories dressed in modern- chic ways, natural materials with lively floral, decorative  colors.
The perfect wedding dress for a Boho-Chic wedding? Romantic, with soft lines, pastel colors and plenty of lace.

L’abito da sposa perfetto per un matrimonio Boho – Chic? Romantico, dalle linee morbide, dai colori pastello e con abbondanza di pizzo.

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Location and church productions

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